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BHBW, a Barloworld and BayWa company, provides leading brand customer based solutions and products to the agricultural and materials handling industries in Southern Africa. After spending a year developing and growing its social media platforms, in January 2020, our team was tasked to elevate the content and redefine its approach to social media. With so many established sub-brands in its wings, the challenge was to ensure that the BHBW name was not lost.


BHBW is the main supplier of products and services of six global agricultural and materials handling brands. Recognised as brands in the BHBW portfolio, these sub-brands are prominent, easily identifiable and established in the industry. No one knew BHBW as the sub-brands were driving conversations from its own social media channels, with no connection to BHBW, separate brand identities, individual content strategies and execution.

All sub-brands platforms experienced continuous growth and engagement, but the connection to the lead brand, BHBW was still missing.

The focus for our team had to be on creating awareness, education and distinction for BHBW as the leading brand with six established sub-brands in its portfolio. We also needed to position BHBW as an industry-leading brand, not only because of its portfolio, but because of its best people talent, service excellence, thought leadership and business successes.


Data drives insights and insights inform strategy. So our first step was to conduct extensive research, using desktop and limited tools focusing on global trends,  local trends, the leading brand vs sub-brand execution across prominent brands and the BHBW competitor landscape

Research revealed that:

  • Competitor pages held high engagement rates, 0.11% and above.
  • Content was not product focused, but rather conversational, insightful and engaging.
  • All competitors as well as its sub-brands had a unique look and feel applied across their social media pages.


Our plan set out to deliver a social media strategy, based on a monolithic brand approach, with centralised efforts on building the BHBW name and positioning it as a subject matter expert and the home to globally leading sub-brands.


By positioning BHBW as an industry leader, we also wanted to create a brand that the agricultural and materials handling industries could rely on. We redesigned the online appearance of BHBW on social media and implemented new content pillars that focused on creating an engaged community, rather than just promoting the brand’s sub-brands.

This led to an increase in brand awareness, engagement and a newfound trust and love from BHBW’s audiences. All sub-brands’ content was shared directly from BHBW branded platforms, and with the help of strategic paid media advertising, the connection between BHBW and its sub-brands was established. We even had competitors sit up and notice the revised brand and content strategy, giving BHBW kudos for their efforts.


Since the launch of BHBW’s revised social media platforms, we have seen tremendous community growth, as well as recognition and admiration from the global brands it supplies locally.

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