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In 2013, Captain Morgan sponsored the OppiKoppi Festival. With zero advertising spend and no existing news hooks, we were tasked with conceptualising, implementing and managing a campaign that would capture the attention of the identified target audience, bring to life the brand message: “Live Like The Captain” and embody the Captain’s daring spirit of fun in pursuit of legendary times and a more adventurous life.


In the alcohol beverage industry, rum forms 1% of the total market size. The industry is becoming increasingly more competitive with many rum brands seeing the potential to steal share from Captain Morgan Spiced Gold – the market leader in the category.

For the brand to grow and win the category, it became necessary for Captain Morgan to recruit consumers from other categories (namely, beer and brandy) to start drinking Captain Morgan.

In order to break through the communications clutter, Eclipse Communications needed to focus on smarter and more effective engagement as well as introduce consumers to the real Captain Henry Morgan and his legendary personality and adventurous lifestyle. In addition to successfully recruiting beer and brandy consumers to Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, this engagement would serve to attract rum-drinking consumers to the brand and reinforce the choice of consumers who already drink Captain Morgan.


The identified target audience was male South Africans, aged between 18-25. Through extensive research into their likes, dislikes, media habits and attitudes, we learnt that music, having a good time, telling stories of their adventures and being with friends are key passion points.

Eclipse Communications identified that Jack Parow was a celebrity who resonated massively with the target audience of the brand, as well as the attendees of OppiKoppi. The fact that parow had performed the previous year at OppiKoppi precluded him from performing at the 2013 festival – presenting the brand with a great opportunity.

We conceptualised, negotiated and co-ordinated a brand take-over with OppiKoppi and Jack Parow as collaborators.


On 9 July 2013, we issued a press release via the OppiKoppi organisers announcing that Jack Parow would be performing at the 2013 OppiKoppi Festival.

On 7 August 2013, just two days before his scheduled performance, we released a press statement, accompanied by a selfie video by Jack stating that Parow would no longer be performing as he had been detained by security for borrowing a catamaran on a rock n’ roll night of revelry.

On 9 August 2013, in keeping with a captain’s motto of “never leaving a crew mate behind” Jack Parow was delivered to the festival and revealed to the audience – thanks to a daring rescue by Captain Morgan which was showcased to the audience via AV footage.

Post-event activities included:

  • Press interviews with Jack Parow and Captain Morgan at the festival
  • Press release about Captain Morgan’s rescue of Jack Parow, which drove audiences to the official Captain Morgan Live Like The Captain website, which showcased the entire stunt as it happened.



We achieved the following publicity results across the Captain Morgan 2013 OppiKoppi Festival Sponsorship

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The Captain Morgan 2013 OppiKoppi Sponsorship campaign won the following awards

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