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PR Senior Account Manager
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PR Senior Account Manager

We are looking for a PR Senior Account Manager with 5+ years experience who is ambitious and eager to join our Communications Agency, and have the opportunity to work on global and local accounts. Must be able to manage client(s) with a degree of independence, have strong media relations and have good knowledge and understanding of the lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer landscape.

The ideal candidate is creative, can take initiative and be a resourceful all-rounder who will take complete ownership of their work, and will deliver work to the highest standard.


  • Independently handle multiple client accounts.
  • Is the client’s primary day-to-day contact and earns client respect, trust and confidence.
  • Develops, manages and executes PR strategies/plans, projects, campaigns and events with ease and success.
  • Coordinates and supervises staff and external vendors that render services.
  • Manages team growth.
  • Manages marketing and PR budgets and the process of keeping track of profits for the team.
  • Drives initiative in the team based on client needs.
  • Has a thorough knowledge of lifestyle media and the influencer landscape. Understands how the media works and knows how to engage appropriately with journalists and influencers.
  • Builds and maintains good working relationships with journalists and editors.
  • Keeps abreast of digital/social/web media trends and is able to identify opportunities for clients.
  • Identifies media trends and themes and is able to capitalize on these to the client’s advantage.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with key influencers in the digital media space; as well as celebrities where possible.
  • Originates or manages the origination (via clear, timeous, written briefs including key messages, deadlines, audience and supporting info) of innovative copy and text, press releases, articles, etc.
  • Is proactive about providing creative ideas and angles for articles/press releases/online content.
  • Drafts and manages critical timelines as part of communications plans.
  • Is able to accurately brief service providers and manage critical timelines.
  • Manages the compilation of feedback reports (with the team) before submission to AD for sign-off. Is responsible for the doc before submission to AD.
  • Develops accurate project budgets and monitors them effectively.
  • Reports daily to AD regarding account status, administrative matters and any problem areas.
  • Supports Account Director (AD) by drafting PR plans that are well structured, detailed, creative and well thought-out.
  • Manages team input to complete strategies.


Planning and Organising:

  • Works across multiple accounts and is able to prioritize and manage projects and team members effectively.
  • Time management for self and others.
  • Set priorities, timetables and goals for self and others.
  • Manages time for optimum productivity and maximum billability.


Attention to Detail:

  • Checks for accuracy and consistency in all tasks for self and others.


Problem Solving:

  • Logical and clear approach to resolving problems. Ensures that corrective actions are implemented.

Communication (verbal and written):

  • Effectively expresses ideas and explains plans and actions to others.
  • Checks for understanding when speaking to others.
  • Plans presentations logically, using visual aids.
  • Possesses or employs strong writing, editing, and proof-reading skills.



  • Applies experience and specialist knowledge to accomplish the job.
  • Brings ideas to the table for discussion with the management team.
  • Works to transfer knowledge and skills to junior team members.


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