Trend Talk 24: Psyche up your PR team

Public relations isn’t just about writing clever messaging, throwing it out there and hoping for the best; it’s about using psychology to achieve a pre-determined objective … to first understand how people think in order to craft strategic communication that will influence their behaviour. This means that public relations and psychology are inextricably intertwined. But how do we apply psychology skilfully to create successful campaigns?

Trend Talk 23: Data drives insights, insights inform strategy

DATA DRIVES INSIGHTS INSIGHTS INFORM STRATEGY As technology evolves and more people sign on, companies are committing increasingly more resources to meet the demands and possibilities that come with social media. The question is no longer which platform to use, but which are most effective to drive customer engagement – and translate into sales. The […]

Trend Talk 22: Rewriting the Social Marketer’s Handbook


As the global population has been spending increasingly more time online, social media usage has skyrocketed. So much so that Global Web Index’s Social Media Marketing Trends 2021 report suggests that as many as 95% of the connected population are on social media platforms…

Trend Talk 21: Proceed to Checkout – Rise of South African e-commerce Industry

PROCEED TO CHECKOUT Rise of SA’s e-commerce industry While e-commerce has long been a part of the modern digital revolution, pandemic-related global lockdowns significantly accelerated online shopping activities and saw global e-commerce growing by 32% in 2020. According to Shopify, the industry is expected to total as much as $4.89 trillion in 2021.  Global Web […]

Trend Talk 20: Who is the Consumer Behind the Mask?

Who is the consumer behind the mask? Any brand communication strategy requires a deep understanding of the driving forces behind consumer behaviour and the characteristics that influence buying decisions. As communicators, we have the option of choosing one or several segmentation tools to derive key consumer insights to help inform brand communication strategies. However, the […]

Trend Talk 19: Radio Still Highly Relevant

Is streaming killing the radio star? Radio is still a highly relevant platform and is holding firm as a medium of choice despite the popularity of YouTube, Spotify and other streaming media. Radio may have been around forever, but it is authentic, spontaneous and still loved by listeners for its unique offering and longevity, thus […]

Trend Talk 18: Making Meaningful Connections For Business Success

Making Meaningful Connections For Business Success

Making meaningful connections for business success LinkedIn has become the world’s largest and go-to professional networking platform, with over 660 million users worldwide, and seven million in South Africa. The potential to uncover and reach new audiences is immense, with LinkedIn hosting as many as 30 million professional company profiles, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. […]

Trend Talk 17: The Business of Brand Loyalty

In an age where competition is fierce, brands need to inspire loyalty. Driven by new and progressive ideas and channels, consumers have more power and influence than before. The challenges of 2020 drove consumers to demand more from the brands they support, and those that don’t heed the changing needs of the consumer will be […]

Trend Talk 16: The Art Of Communications Excellence


Is your team delivering the goods? In a business landscape that has undergone a major metamorphosis, the role of communications has become critical. The question is: how does your communications team measure on delivering quality content that engages your stakeholders, generates leads and enhances your social licence to operate? Here, we unpack the values andcharacteristics […]

Trend Talk 15: Engaging The Digitally Connected Workforce


Internal communications is the glue that holds companies together. In today’s decentralised work environments, conventional internal communication practices and channels simply won’t suffice. Gone are the days of penned letters and face-to-face meetings as the go-to means of communication. Today’s workforces expect messaging that is more inclusive, personally relevant and decidedly digital. In short, companies […]