Trend Talk 14: What’s Your Story?


As competition increases across sectors, the need for brands to implement honest and transparent storytelling is essential for success. It does more than simply relay brand messaging – by tapping into human emotion, storytelling can win consumer affiliation and loyalty. That is only if it is captivating, relevant and memorable.

Trend Talk 13: Harnessing The Power Of Purpose

In the 13th edition of Trend Talk, we recognise brands that excelled in the face of 2020 adversities for the betterment of humanity. The tribulations of 2020 forced brands to think and act differently, adapting to the changing consumer landscape to remain relevant, while leading with action and social responsibility.

Trend Talk 12: Re-shaping the Future of Communications

2020 has been a watershed year for many brands, forcing them to embrace the power of pivoting and quick adaptation. Not doing so was a risk not worth taking. While it presented challenges, 2020 shaped and solidified new forms of communication that brands must be cognisant of, leading into 2021.

Trend Talk 11: Smashing Stereotypes

Eclipse Communications Trend Talk 11

South African brands have experienced several marketing blunders over the years. Inclusivity and diversity in marketing are not trends but rather, are important considerations that form a natural part of the process to ensure cultural awareness.  Our diverse population and a rapidly evolving digital media landscape, where everything is laid bare for scrutiny, makes it […]

Trend Talk 10: Brand reinvention in the age of digital disruption

Eclipse Communications Trend Talk 10

The 10th edition of Trend Talk focuses on brand reinvention in the age of digital disruption. With the media landscape shrinking and consumers spending more time online, we touch on several trends that brands need to consider to increase their visibility to attract and retain clients and improve online ranking against competitors.  

Trend Talk 09: Influencer Marketing – Finding The Right Fit

Influencer Marketing

The 9th edition of Trend Talk focuses on influencer marketing. With the rise of consumers spending more time online, we have seen a rise in influencer engagement and now more than ever, brands need to understand what influencers are; the importance of influencers and that partnering with the right influencer is critical for brands.  

Trend Talk 07: #ThePowerOfSocial

Power of social

The 7th edition of Trend Talk focuses on the power of social media, highlighting the surge of usage, how platforms have diversified and what brands need to consider in taking advantage of social media as a viable channel. 

Trend Talk 06: The Rebirth of Creativity

Rebirth of creativity

The world has changed. While some aspects of life will return to its former state before COVID-19, much will not be the same again. In this edition of Trend Talk, we look at how brands and agencies alike need to think differently and design communications strategies that now factor in the use of digital, purpose-led […]

Trend Talk 05: The Need To Plan

Project planning

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in widespread shock and disbelief around the globe, with major economic fallout and unpreparedness visible on many levels. A crisis can have a devastating impact on business reputation if not handled correctly. If handled superbly, it provides an opportunity to build brand equity. In this edition of Trend Talk, […]