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Generation.e is committed to inspiring the global transformation to smarter mobility for the creation of better connected and more sustainable societies. In championing the thinking and engagement – the brand hosts interactive events to highlight the latest information in the mobility industry.

For the first time in South Africa, Generation.e hosted the Smarter Mobility 2019 summit, which was followed-by its first Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) Africa 2019. This was an epic adventure across South Africa to showcase the power and capabilities of electric cars through challenging environments and over large distances to prove the infrastructure is in place for worry-free electric travel.

We were tasked to conceptualise and execute a purpose-driven PR campaign over a nine month period to drive awareness, inspire and educate the local target market on the benefits of clean transportation, renewable energy, sustainable living and eMobility – all under the banner of promoting Generation.e’s first African edition of Road Trips, Forums and Festivals.


Considering the increase in urbanisation, it is vital for the South African Government to implement smarter mobility solutions to match the needs of the rising population. This will assist in increasing access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation options that can connect people to jobs, education and health services – all without increasing congestion, carbon emissions or air pollution.

To ensure Generation.e inspired a shift to smarter mobility in South Africa, we needed to understand the local context as well as where the Government stood on the issue of smarter mobility. As such, we conducted extensive desktop research into the Government’s agenda on smarter mobility solutions, conversations media were having around clean transportation, renewable energy, sustainable living and smart mobility.

With the transport sector accounting for 10,8% of South Africa’s total greenhouse gas emissions, the government introduced the Carbon Tax Act on 1 June 2019, resulting in an increase in fuel prices.


Our strategy used the Department of Transport’s objectives as its base to make Generation.e’s entry into the market, impactful in addressing real South African issues that it could help affect. We also used these objectives to craft our thought leadership approach for Generation.e’s CEO.

We further researched the current uptake of smarter mobility in the media, and influencers who were open to supporting smarter mobility and sustainability

We built our argument around the need for public and private sector organisations to find ways to minimise the financial implications by implementing smarter mobility solutions and introducing innovations such as hybrid or electric vehicles.


Our aim was to position Generation.e as an innovative, forward-thinking brand that inspires transformation to smarter mobility, and build strategic relationships with Government, educate the public on smarter mobility, carbon emissions, air quality and the future of transport.

We implemented an omni-channel plan using traditional media, social media, influencers and activations. The brand’s reputation was built through strong thought leadership and news stories such as “How Smarter Mobility may be the answer to curbing SA’s carbon emissions”.

To educate people about electric vehicles, members of the public were invited to test drive them at the summit as well as at road trip activations.


We achieved the following publicity results across the Generation.e campaign


media and influencers hosted 


delegates at the summit

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tier-one coverage

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#SMA2019 trended on Twitter

At the charging station launch, Minister of Transport, Mr Fikile Mbalula pledged to continue the conversation of smarter mobility.

Our executed communications plan resulted in quality coverage that spoke to the right people and created great awareness for the brand, allowing generation.e to engage with key strategic stakeholders. 2020 partners were also secured due to the success of the 2019 campaign.

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